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Introduction to Cloud Computing : Principles and Practices for Beginners [Online Course] Contents: Section 1 Cloud Computing 1. What is Cloud ? 2. What is Cloud Computing ? 3. What is not Cloud computing ? 4. Concepts associated with Cloud Computing : Utility computing  andVirtualization. 5. Architectures and types of Cloud ? 6. What are IaaS , PaaS in Cloud Computing Terminology ? 7. What is SaaS and Is it different from Cloud Computing ? 8. Special Focus on Map Reduce Framework and  Cloud Computing . 9. What is out there in IT Industry relating to Cloud Computing ? Contents: Section 2 1. Study and Hands On Of Amazon EC2 . 2. Study and Hands On Of Google Of App Engine . 3. Study and Hands On Of Open Source IaaS Packages: Eucalyptus , OpenStack. 4. Study and Hands On Of Open Source PaaS Package: AppScale. 5. Demo: Apache Map Reduce. Click here to Register Online !!