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Creating Stateless Session Bean Using NetBeans 7.4 with Companion Video on YouTube

In this article we will learn how to create a Stateless Session Bean in NetBeans 7.4. There is a screen cast video for this article on YouTube (Creating Sample Stateless Session Bean in NetBeans 7.4) Session beans are the part of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) which are based on RMI as basic foundation technology. Good Introduction to Enrerprise Java Beans its types and application is been provided by Oracle Inc on its site at   J2EE Tutorial (PDF) A stateless session bean does not maintain a conversational state with the client. When a client invokes the methods of a stateless bean like Remote Method Invocation , the bean’s instance variables may contain a state specific to that client but only for the duration of the invocation. When the method is finished, the client-specific state should not be retained. Most Often Stateless Session beans are more scalable due to their stateless nature.It is to be noted that it is developers responsibility that he/she does not include any code

Creating your First Ruby on Rails (RoR) application using scaffolding on Windows with Rails in 7 Steps

We will use Bitnami Ruby stack on Windows Environment through out this article If you are absolute beginner and need to start from knowing what is Ruby and Rails try below links   What is Ruby ? What is Rails ? Once you get acquaint with basic syntax of Ruby try out basic ruby code snippets in an interactive shell like web environment here at Prerequisites for this article: Bitnami Ruby Stack: (You can download the Bitnami installer at URL ). Once installed it starts appearing in your start menu as  Start > All Programs > Bitnami Ruby Stack Bitnami Ruby Stack is an Ruby environment with Rails and other  software  stacks like Apache , MySQL , PostgreSQL. It is good starting point when you start learning RoR development since here you need not struggle with RoR installation and other configurations, Remember that Bitnami Ruby Stack is for development purpose only. And I further feel that Production RoR environment should be using Lin