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Introduction to RESTful Webservices in Java with Example Code

RESTful web services are lightweight web services as compared to SOAP based Web services. Most developer use RESTful web services to interact with any other entity on web using HTTP methods. Some of often cited examples include A Hybrid Mobile Application interacting with Backend Business Logic A device/sensor sending data to Web application on web in context of Web of Things. Exposing the code of a web application to outside world for purpose of creating mashups. Two or more web application interacting with each other. There are many use cases and examples to highlight simplicity, robustness and scability in RESTful web services. The power point presentations, starts with introduction of REST Principles and then focuses on RESTful web services, later in the end the ppt includes a simple Java RESTful web service developed using Jersey framework with Eclipse and Apache Tomcat v7.   Introduction to RESTful Webservices in JAVA from psrpatnaik Do watch out for mor