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AWS Consulting, Support Activities and Comparative Analysis Of Cloud Vendors

We are a team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects and Accredited Professionals providing consulting, implementation and managed services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We help and manage , migrate to cloud infrastructure for some of the reputed companies as well as SMBs.
Contact us at for any queries.

We offer following services as part of yearly support plan:

1. AWS Consulting: Using  extensive expertise in both application development in varied runtime environments as well as infrastructure management, we provide consulting service to our customer to exploit potential of AWS services to fullest extent for delivery highly available and failure resilient and fast performing applications.

2. AWS Migration Strategy Plans: If you are already on cloud or thinking of moving to the cloud, we provide consulting, audit and advisory service on how can you utilize AWS to make your app highly scalable, available & efficient. We analyse your current IT infrastructure and help you effortlessly migrate applications and content to AWS. We have migrated numerous applications, both independent as well as business critical applications on AWS.

3. Cloud Application Architecture Design Assisting Development Activity: We architect and design cloud ready web applications, which will leverage Amazon's suite of services including EC2, EBS, RDS, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch and other services to its maximum potential to drive performance, high availability, scalability and backup & recovery plans.

4. 24x7 Support & Monitoring: We monitor, support and maintain AWS infrastructure by taking proactive measures to address any issues in pre-defined response time. The motive of proactive monitoring is to provide

  • Performance optimization by analysing the current performance of the application and identify all bottlenecks. 
  • Offer consultancy services and solutions on how to enhance performance, user experience and productivity using various Amazon Web Services.
Our other services includes Comparative Analysis of other Cloud Players in IaaS , PaaS, SaaS.

Comparative Analysis of Various Cloud Providers:

We not only help you build or migrate your applications to AWS cloud, but also help choosing other cloud service providers suiting your needs and cost requirements.
We primarily provide our consulting service for choosing best suited cloud providers among AWS, Windows/Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, Rackspace and other prominent cloud vendors.

What we do in comparative analysis ?: We analyse and understand your needs of existing architecture, carefully analysing various aspects of application needs which include, application runtime, performance requirement, traffic expected, geographic  location requirement, costings and other aspects of your application.
The comparative analysis is presented to you as detailed report.

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